Saturday, February 20, 2016

Everyone loves a party! Oh, you left out 'political'

Well, despite my best efforts to be active in updating my blog, I just discovered that is has been almost a year since my last post. Is it because I've been too busy? Sure, I could say that. Life does keep me pretty busy. But as I'm back to not sleeping real well, I'm up late enough and thus, theoretically have plenty of time.

So, what is the real reason I haven't "blogged" as of late? Simply, I've been too lazy. To make it just a tad more complex than that, it's actually I haven't been sure what to write or how to start. I have lots of ideas that pop into my head all the time and I actually think it would be a good thing to blog about. But, here we are...

I feel like my mind is always racing and I am trying to figure things out. Maybe I'm a tad analytical. Maybe I just can't focus. Who knows. But the fact remains that I have a lot to say. And to be honest, for years people have thought I just say whatever is on my mind. To an extent this is true and always has been. In my blog however, I try to express things with a certain level of finesse. Why it seems to be more important for a blog that no one reads than it is in my daily interactions with people is beyond me. That being said, I really don't say everything that is on my mind. This may come as a surprise to those who know me; but can you imagine the things I am thinking and don't say? But I digress.

I would consider myself a fairly active person. Politically, not physically. If you see me running, you best start running too because I'm likely being chased by a bear, or cheetah, or perhaps even a sloth (God forbid). I have worked and/or volunteered for a number of political campaigns and have even been a precinct chair for the political party with which I affiliate.

Why do I mention this? Because while I am far from a "political expert," I like to think I have a pretty rough idea of what is going on and who wants to be the next in line to cheat us, namely, the middle class. Face it, the middle class really isn't on anyone's radar, regardless of the party, or even what they say. The upper class is of course important, without them who would donate to political campaigns, parties or action committees? The lower class gets their attention because it's sexy to care about the poor. Those of us in the middle, meh.... We're not rich but we're definitely not poor. We likely won't be contributing thousands of dollars to a campaign. And we can generally afford our bills, we have a house, we own cars, and we pay our "fair share" of taxes.

Here is where I am going... I've been asked why I get so annoyed when others post political stuff when I claim to be politically active myself. And, I've been known to make a political post on Twitter or Facebook from time to time. But, the reason I get annoyed is particularly because of certain types of political posts I see. Namely, posts that (one or any of the following) are:

  • Not fact checked.
  • Stereotyping or questioning the intelligence of those who disagree, such as anyone who is voting for so and so is an idiot and should be ashamed. Or other things of that nature.
  • Inaccurate, out of context, or blatant lies. No examples as I am avoiding the specific political debate.
  • Misquoted or claimed to be said by someone who didn't actually say it
These are just a few of the examples I see that drive me nuts. I appreciate people wanting to be involved in politics. But it seems there are a number of voters who seem to get really involved in just bashing one particular candidate despite the fact that said basher has never really been all that involved or interested in politics before. It is just their sole mission to make sure the person they don't like, for whatever reason (true or not) doesn't win. I enjoy a good political debate as much as the next guy. But such a debate should be a debate based on facts from both sides. An opinion obviously belongs in a debate, but it should be remembered that an opinion is just that, not a fact!

I tend to have a hard time not calling out posts that are incorrect, inaccurate, or, to be frank, just dumb. But, I understand it is generally tacky to negate someone's post because after all, it is their Facebook, Twitter, whatever. I disagree but that doesn't mean I have to comment. Usually if I am offended, I ignore, but sometimes I can't keep myself from commenting. I have no self control, I'll admit it. And my amazing physique is proof.

This is part of the reason I don't post more political stuff than I do. I know a lot of people will disagree, but, or course, a lot will agree as well. I don't think I'm an anomaly. But who do you think are the most likely to comment? Those who disagree and/or are looking for an argument. Every post I make isn't intended to do for the sake of argument; although if I am being honest, there are some of those.

I guess what I am saying is 3 fold:
  • Play nicely
  • Check your facts
  • Recognize that not everyone is going to agree. That doesn't mean they don't trust you are respect you as a person
I am now humbly stepping off of my soap box. Okay, not humbly, but stepping off none the less. I'll be selling said soapbox on eBay. Watch for it. Time for an upgrade!

As always, thanks for reading. Stay classy. Don't forget who you are. Don't forget what you should stand for. Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera.

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