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Who made me an authority?

Someone complained about some of my blog posts asking me what makes me an authority on the topics. While I don't actually owe this person an answer to such a rude, condescending question, I will answer, as best I can. And my answer is twofold.

First, I never claimed to be any sort of authority on the topics. This is my personal blog. I write what comes to mind and try to express what I feel. If what I write helps you in any way, great, if it doesn't, oh well, the price was right.

Further, I had a conversation similar to this with the executive director of a local non-profit on which I serve as an associate vice president. I was explaining to her that I don't feel like I am necessarily qualified to serve on the board as I don't have a direct connection with the issues. But, I will gladly share my skills, talents and own experience to help the organization as best I can. All I can offer is my own background and experience along with a passion to help. If I am able to help anyone, my efforts haven't been in vain.

If I've come across as the man with all the answers, sorry I'm not sorry. My intention has never been to show how great I am or how I know more than anyone else. My intention has been to express my feelings in words and maybe help someone in the process.

I honestly don't want to be "that guy," but seriously, if you are going to visit my blog, either appreciate it or don't. There is really no need to comment on how unqualified the author is. Go find a comment board on a news site somewhere, there are plenty of people there who will appreciate your cute little quips. Maybe you can even get together for a round of beers and talk about how much the world owes you.


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