Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dreams, ambitions, & the life we get

"Life is what you make it," or at least the saying goes. But, does anyone really think they life is exactly what they themselves have really made of it? Further, does anyone really look at their life and realize that it is exactly how they planned it to be or wanted it to be? That being said, one can look at their life, realize it isn't how they planned, but still be happy with their life.

For example, I have a beautiful wife and daughter. And a great job, for a terrific company where there is a lot of potential to move up. I have no complaints about where my life is right now. I feel very blessed to be where I am and have all the great things I do. But, that isn't to say my life is exactly where I planned or dreamed it to be at this point.

That begs the question, what is the difference between the life we plan and the life we dreamed of? In short, I planned to be married, be in our own house with at least one kid and be in my career by now. Most of that I have attained, to some degree. I am in a career, but still not the exact job I want to be in long term. But there is still plenty of potential to move that direction.

But, my dream has always been to be a famous actor. Do I continue to dream? Do I just come to the realization that my dream is never going to happen? Initially, that probably sounds like a dumb question because one's dreams are never worth giving up on, right? But sometimes, we can dream something that just isn't going to happen, especially when that dream relies on many others. For example, I can dream all I want of being President of the United States of America, but no matter how hard I work, without others, namely the electors voting for me, that isn't going to happen. At one point does one stop dreaming and start living life the way it has been handed to them?

I can continue to work to be a famous actor. But at what cost do I continue moving to my towards my own dream? I have a family to provide for. I could never in good conscience just let things work out as I work to achieve my dream. But at the same time, before I left on a mission to Ukraine, I could've instead moved to Los Angeles, which interestingly enough, I had an opportunity to do. Or, even after I came back, I could've done that before (or instead of) getting married. However, the reason I didn't is because getting married and starting a family was way more important to me. And I never regret having made that decision. I love being married, and my wife and daughter are the best that could ever happen to me! But, I still haven't forgotten about my dream to become an actor.

It is probably just a dream. But aren't dreams still worth holding on to? Should one continue to hope? Sometimes hope is all we have, no matter how ridiculous, right?

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